You deserve diamonds!

Research shows it can benefit anyone suffering from:

+ Sun damaged Skin

+ Active Acne

+ Acne scaring

+ Premature Ageing

+ Scar Rejuvenation

+ Fine lines & wrinkles

+ Blackheads & Whiteheads

+ Pigmentation

+ Dull, Congested, Ruddy, Thick or Blemished Skin

+ Sluggish Lymph or blood flow

+ And great for maintaining healthy skin

This unique treatment is for all age groups and genders giving you a more vibrant youthful appearance. Skin is instantly smooth and fresh, promoting new skin and collagen growth. Reduces enlarged pores and revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin so intensely that the skin just GLOWS.

Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and you can continue your daily activities straight after your treatment .

Microdermabrasion @ $50.00 per session