Mila Removal

(Best done by a professional!!!!)
Milia are whiteheads that are filled with hard, round, pearly, yellowish-white keratin and fat. Milia can occur anywhere on the facial skin and are very prone around eye area and cheeks. Milia can be caused by:- Heavy Skin Care Products: The most common reason for milia is applying to your skin heavy skin care products not suited for your skin type or poor quality product or not maintaining skin with proper skin care, extremely oily skin or high cholesterol. Even high oil and fatty diet can be culprit in causing millia too.

If not removed will continue to spread and cluster. Best removed when the white pearly bits are showing on the skin. If not removed and remains in the skin for months or years starts to get skin growing over it and than those areas become lumpy and uneven. At that stage it gets difficult to remove them.

At Amax you can be assured there will be no scarring. we are the experts in millia removal.
Priced at $60-$80 per session