Oxygen Theraphy


Oxygen Therapy (the new buzz word in the industry)

So what is Oxygen Therapy and how does it work? We all need oxygen. We are surrounded by it. We breathe it in. Oxygen is the ultimate life support ingredient, helping cells to survive, reproduce and regenerate. Science has shown us that our skin cells are the last to receive the oxygen we breathe in. Also as we age the delivery of oxygen to the skin cells slows down which in turn slows down the cell regeneration. This causes the skin to become thinner and wrinkles and brown spots can start to appear. The skin can also have a general ‘dulling’ effect. Oxygen facial is gentle, relaxing and soothing and is suitable for all skin types. Your skin looks and feels years younger, is nourishes and hydrates skin renewal is stimulated with collagen production. It is a 100% natural, non toxic, chemical free and pH balanced skin rejuvenating facial treatment.