Irene Kiran : dip in nursing & BhSc

I have worked as a registered nurse at Middle More Hospital for over 10 years.
While I was at MMH, I worked on a cancer ward which dealt with melanomas, neutropenic clients, and cancer suffering patients alongside hematologists, doctors and other medical professionals. It was also a medical ward where clients were admitted with chest infections, heart attacks, strokes, asthma, renal and diabetic problems.

I have done numerous study days on various topics such as diabetes, cancer, CPR, palliative care, etc, and have been a Diabetic Resourse Nurse since 1998 - 2006. This knowledge and background is complimenting the treatments, education and advice that I offer today at amax

I have also been a presenter and speaker on national radio and Tv Programs

I developed my interests in the field of Appearance Medicine and cosmetic procedures since 2003. I personally suffered from severe hirsutism ( female beard ) and other hormonal and skin problems. I have personally been through all these treatments and can reassure clients that it is safe. Not only I have treated my own self I am also treating my other family members and my husband and children.

I have attended and still attend national and international conferences, study days and education updates on a regular basis to update and keep pace with new techniques and technology.
I am trained and qualified in cosmetic procedures like Laser, IPL, Microdermabrasion, skin care range and photo flash therapy, PRP treatments and skin needling etc.
I have a great knowledge of cosmetic and laser procedures and provide valuable information on the right skin care programme according to the individuals skin type.
I have carved a niche in this Cosmetic Industry as being the first Indian Registered Nurse to own and operate a skin and hair clinic. Amax is my heart and soul.
I have a loving and caring husband with 3 beautiful children!!!